2308 - MVB - Mystery 12" Vinyl Bundle

2308 - MVB - Mystery 12" Vinyl Bundle

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We've been reviewing our space, and we need to make some room for new stuff, so after getting the go ahead from management, we've decided to resurrect an old idea, and make a mystery vinyl bundle of albums.

Buyers will receive at least 4 Thunder 12" vinyl LPs. We can't tell you what will be in the package because we don't know yet. It's a mystery to us as well as you!

It could contain one or more of the following:-

A studio album. 

A rare white label test pressing.

A live album.

A compilation album.

Or a combination of all of these.

There will be at least 4 x 12" vinyl LPs in every bundle we send, and maybe some extras (we don't know).

These Mystery Vinyl Bundles (MVBs) will only be available while stocks last, and once they're gone that's it, so if you fancy getting your hands on some Thunder 12" vinyl bargains for your collection, or to frame and put on the wall, or simply to give to someone else, this is a golden opportunity.