A Black Country Xmas
A Black Country Xmas

A Black Country Xmas

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The initial manufacturing run of this CD sold out on release day (17/11/23 & thanks a lot), so we ordered more copies straight away. The second batch came in and sold out again pretty quickly, and the decision was taken not to manufacture any more copies.

It's now available only via digital download from this store, and nowhere else.

Copy & paste this link into your browser for more info & to buy the digital download version which includes artwork for both the cover and booklet).


This live CD was recorded at the triumphant Xmas shows in Wolverhampton in December 2021. It's the first Xmas Show Live CD since The Xmas Show - Live 2013 released in 2014 (you can get that one at https://thunder-online-shop.com/products/the-xmas-show-live-2013).



1. She's So Fine (Please Remain Seated version)

2. The Smoking Gun

3. Resurrection Day (semi acoustic version)

4. A Better Man

5. Sailing (Rod Stewart cover)

6. Wonder Days

7. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen cover)

8. The Devil Made Me Do It

9. Burn (Deep Purple cover)

10. Destruction

11. An Englishman On Holiday

12. Love Walked In

13. Last One Out Turn Off The Lights

This is the first Xmas Show live release since 2014.

Please Note:

There are no overdubs on this album, and the band never sounded better!