2406 - MVB - Mystery Vintage Bundle

2406 - MVB - Mystery Vintage Bundle

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Following a massive review of the space at Thunder Towers, we've been given the go ahead by the band to sell a lot of items from their archive, so we've conceived the Mystery Vintage Bundle (aka MVB).

We can't possibly list all the items in the MVB, as there are loads of them in various quantities, but what we can tell you is that ALL of them are very old indeed.

MVB Items include:-

Promo copies of albums and singles given to band members. Imports (from Japan, Europe & USA), plus compilations that the band appear on (almost all the compilations are Japanese).

They're on formats galore too eg CDs, 7 & 12 inch vinyl, picture discs, poster discs, cassettes, mini discs (there aren't many of these), and more besides.

Each MVB will contain a minimum of 3 items. All items are super old, super rare, extremely difficult or even impossible to find.

There are things we've never seen before (and we work for the band), like signed items, deleted ones (some are both deleted and signed), so it's impossible to overstate just how rare these items are. All MVB items come from the band's archive as previously mentioned, and they've been stored in the bowels of Thunder Towers for many years, so they're definitely dusty, and they'll be hand picked, so every MVB is likely to be unique. 

Please note this bundle will only be available while stocks last, so if you're a completist, this is a brilliant opportunity to add some very rare items to your Thunder collection. You may already have some of these Thunder items, but we're extremely confident you won't have them all.

Get a MVB while you can..